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animal discrimination

Few weeks ago I saw the article, about horses, showing the best side of this animal, and after quick research I found that killing and eating horse is illegal in US, where millions deers dying every day from hunters. But another thing about this situation, that it takes place in US, where people trying to make everybody equal, after terrible racist times and North-South war, and now, at the time when everybody is equal, we have another problem-animal discrimination! I cannot find another word to explain this horrible thing. Here are some reasons that hunters use to show horse are more important than deers in 21 century: 1. Horse is transportation 2. "Horse understands me"(unknown farmer) But how can people say it almost in Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa, who is riding DEERS!!!!!!!. How children can grew in country with terrible laws, allowing killing Santa's animal. I do not say that killing animals and eating them is bad, but i think people need to understand, and care more about animal rights! How government can allow killing each man 5 deers???!!!!!! How people, in country, where money has name of God on it, allow killing another God's being!?
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